Statement of Purpose

(from Russian 'abroad') is a non-for-profit project-publication that set out to achieve a few important goals:
  • Preservation of high standards of Russian intellectual culture across political, religious and professional barriers.
  • Melting together the humanism of the great Russian art and literature with objectivity, honesty and temperament of the best of Western journalism.
  • Inviting the Russian intellectuals into American ways and mores by publishing essays on everyday life written by recent immigrants that succeeded in straddling the gap between the two great cultures.
Za-Granizza's mode of operation combines freedom and quality, trying to find the golden mean. In so doing, it maintains three venues for creative texts:
  • It has a group of established journalists
  • It solicits texts of professional writers
  • It allows free posting of news and imaginative texts with post-factum, 'affirmatory' editing, which guaranties that any text available to the public meets certain standards in style and effectiveness
Za-Granizza appreciates essays on any theme, providing any one of them gives the readers insights either into the factual or emotional or philosophical undercurrent of events, that are also written in a fresh, literate, streamlined language.

Za-Granizza particularly appreciates reviews on the events of the Art and Letters that do not necessarily belong to the mainstream in order to not repeat the coverage available in big publications whether online or printed. In any case, it invites reviews with original and clearly expressed points of view; the invitation to a discussion or a strong opinion being not a problem.
(c) Za-Granizza 2000-2003